A guide to boosting your social media organically

social media organically

Nowadays, there is a high level of competition in the market between businesses and brands across social media platforms. Also, each platform uses a distinct algorithm to work. Organic social media is the process of growing your social media account without paying for advertisements. There has been a social media strategy that can be done through various means such as creating great content, using relevant hashtags, and engaging with your audience.

A thorough market study and competitor analysis are required in order to grow your social media marketing organically. As this can be a slow process, A digital marketing agency will help you to build digital marketing strategy that grow your social media organically, which will be worthwhile in the long run as it builds customer advocacy for your brand. Plus, it is a more sustainable way to grow your social media presence.

As a business owner, you may be looking for ways to increase your social media following. After all, a large social media following can lead to more customers and sales. Is Social Media Marketing possible through organic ways for large traffic? And while there are some paid ways to boost your social media presence, there are also some effective organic methods you can use to increase your following.

In this article, we will be discussing some effective ways to boost your social media organically.

Tips to boost your social media

Tips to boost your social media

1. Choosing the right platform to market your brand

These days’ businesses and brands are on multiple platforms to increase their brand value. But before choosing the right platform to increase the brand value of the business and to reach the desired social media reach is the main crucial task. But before that firstly we have to make a social media strategy as every social media platform has its algorithm and guidelines which makes them different from each other.

2. Choosing the right audience

Getting to know your audience is the important part before implementing a social media strategy, if you are not aware of your target audience, you won’t know their interests, the website they visit, and what they utilize. So interaction with your audience is an integral part of growing social media organically. The major factor that governs the algorithm of social media is how much the level of engaging audience you’re receiving. The more active audience, the more interaction will help you with better organic reach.

3. Analyzing your competitors

Analyzing your competitors is very essential for the growth of social media platforms, monitoring their platforms will help you to see the content they are sharing, on what platform they are investing most of the time, which industry leaders they’re interacting with, and most importantly their audiences.

You can also monitor your competitors directly from some social network platforms. Use your competitor analysis tool on LinkedIn, add competitors to your Facebook Pages to Watch the section of insights, and create Twitter lists. Invest in a third-party social listening tool to get the most in-depth analysis on every social network (e.g., Sprout Social, Hubspot, Oktopost).

4. Choosing the best time to post

Choosing the right time to post on social media is an important aspect for better reach and growth. Every social media platform is full of crowded content and every second the platform is getting filled with more content by different users. So it is important to post when a maximum number of audience is online. This will ensure that your content gets maximum impressions and reach as many as possible.

5. Using effective hashtags

Effective hashtags will help your brand or business to focus on your posts by using generic keywords. It is very important to use effective hashtags to expand the reach of your social media platform as well as expand your reach to new followers.

6. Posting meaningful and quality content

If you really want to increase your social media organic reach, then stop posting irrelevant content just to increase the number of posts. You need to focus on more quality-level content than quantity-level. Having good quality content that improves the interaction between your brand and your audience will prove to be fruitful in the longer run. So instead of wasting your time and efforts, start focusing on more quality and relevant content.

Social media


In the above article, we read that organic social media marketing is a great way to reach new audiences and build relationships with potential and current customers. There are a number of effective strategies that businesses can use to boost their social media presence organically. These include creating compelling content, using relevant keywords, and engaging with other users. By investing time and resources into organic social media marketing, businesses can reap the rewards in the form of increased brand awareness and loyalty.

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