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Common Mistakes to Avoid while Developing a Mobile App


With the creation of smartphones, mobile apps have simplified life of people to a great extent. This has prompted mobile apps industry arising as the most profitable one amongst all. Mainly with a neck-to-neck competition between Android and iOS, you get to see new apps arriving on each day.

Building a successful mobile app for your business is not that easy. Many app developers tend to make some common mobile app development mistakes that directly affect their results. Learn how to avoid them.

• Is your app meeting the expectations of users?

Alluring new visitors to your app each day is not an easy task. With every single user there is a different set of expectations are associated.

As it is said the “first impression is the last impression”, the first interaction of an app with the user is the most important thing that should be taken care of.

It is almost impossible to reach the preferences of every single visitor, because of that most of them miss early users with a substandard homepage screen.

Without letting know the user how the app will be useful to them, it will be a bad idea to make them fill long registration forms.

Get a sign in / sign up approach in place asking for just name and email address. Also, to make quick sign in actions try to integrate social media login so that users can login directly through their social media profiles.

• Not adapting the changes in the industry

Adding new functionalities increase the involvement and user experience of mobile apps. So, it is important to adapt market conditions and track your competition for your product or service.

• Copying other similar apps

How many unsuccessful apps do you recognize, there is no one example. Right, you don’t any acquaintance with them, because they didn't succeed!

Often, founders assume “Uber did the trick – how about copying them. We’ll definitely make the grade.” But that’s not how it works.

Keep in mind that each mobile product is unique and has its own objectives, value, audience and functionality. Copying a properly thriving solution doesn’t give you the assurance that your app will succeed.

Create unique vale for your users. Add colors and visual to make your product remember by your users. To summarize, one of the worst mistakes mobile app owners can make is to making a duplicate or copying other apps without creating any unique app for its users.

• Complex user interface

All the well known apps of today are designed with a highly simplistic interface. Remember, the users of today live a highly fast-paced life. They need solutions that work effortlessly and quickly.

Anything that is too complex for users to navigate is automatically neglected by them. When building an app, rethink its features. Check whether the navigation and the characteristics provided have a purpose or not. Can it be possible in an easier manner? If yes, then update.

• No white space

Understand that your application requires space to breathe to best features and elements you need to show to your users.

A successful app needs to be balanced between content and white space. Information overload, navigational problems, undesigned user journeys, useless images, and unnecessary animations, looks great at first, but they don’t help to solve user’s problem. There are chances that you may lose the users in you are seeking to offer everything through all the space on the screen.

• Not working on feedback by users

Last but not the least; Make sure to make your app adaptable adequately to include changes and feedback. All great and known apps look quite different today as compared to when they started as each of them adapted to the changes according to their audience and users.

Remember your users are better in judging the functionality of your app than you. At the end, only they can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

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