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How Page Speed Influence Your Conversions February 10, 2021

Can one single factor like ‘website page speed’ make a difference to your conversion rate? More than you'd have anticipated!

Yes, that is the reality. According to the scientists, a two-second postponement in page load time can build the ricochet rate by over 100%. You see that you can almost twofold the ricochet rate with page load speed, which means meaning you could be losing a gigantic measure of your likely clients.

The scientists additionally guarantee that more than 40% of guests who experience moderate site speed would tell a companion or a relative.

To assist you with understanding the impacts of page load speed, we've made this blog with nitty gritty data.

Negative Impact On User Experience


Client experience is the main factor for a site, intending to pull in more clients and afterward convert them effectively. Online customers disdain long stacking times. More than 73% of online site clients will commonly ricochet as page load time passes the 3-second imprint. It additionally brings about leaving a negative effect on your clients. An additional second in stacking time may bring about a 16% diminishing in consumer loyalty.

Slow Page Speed Negative Impact on Sales

In case you are not running speed tests regularly, you are likely losing tons and tons of potential customers on your website, which means you’re losing sales too.

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Since slow website page loading speed results in dissatisfied customers: 40% of them would likely talk poorly about their online shopping experiences. Over 80% of online visitors or buyers are less likely to buy again from the same website, which results in a huge loss to the sales and conversion rate.

Negative Impact on Your Online Visibility (SEO)

Google is quite strict about the user experience, which is why it has recently launched an update according to which the websites with slow loading pages have less SEO compatibility.


This means the websites with slow loading pages find it hard to rank better on Search Engine Ranking Pages. Since Google gives more impact on user experience, website loading speed has been an important factor in allocating ranking to websites across the world.

What is the ideal website load time?

When it comes to page loading time, many website owners remain clueless about the ideal time.

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As per Google, over 53% of mobile visitors leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Ideally, the page load time should be no longer than 3-4 seconds.

However, Google points out that the average time taken by mobile landing pages to fully load is in 20 seconds. In case you are not sure about your website page loading speed, here are some free tools that you can use to check:

  • · Google PageSpeed Insights
  • · GT Metrix
  • · Pingdom
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If you own a website and aim to lead the business world with your amazing services or products, the website with faster loading pages is all that you need to attract new visitors and keep them engaged for longer.


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