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Top Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Website


In the present times, web design and development have arrived at another stage of progress, including video, voice search, chatbots, unique micro-interactions, and the AR/VR. But the most significant and the most primary factor that needs to be the priority for your business is a mobile-first approach.

We’ve seen the remarkable growth in the online business, now website owner can successfully deliver an outstanding experience on different screen resolutions. Here are few foremost reasons to invest in responsive web design for your product or service.

Before we start, let’s quickly understand what responsive web design is.

“Responsive design is a graphic user interface (GUI) design approach used to create content that adjusts smoothly to various screen sizes. Designers size elements in relative units (%) and apply media queries, so their designs can automatically adapt to the browser space to ensure content consistency across devices.”

Mobile-friendly design to attract more visitors

Today millions of surfers are handling their daily activities through their mobile and tabs. This shows that the people are more active on mobile. A responsive web design ends the need to scroll right and left and zoom in unnecessarily. Users will be allowed enough space and transparency for various tabs and call to action tabs. This will not only enhance search results for mobile websites, but it also provides variability and best experience.

Easy to manage and Cost-effective

Organizations don’t have to separately invest time and money in a mobile version along with a desktop version by using responsive web design. Whether you are making changes or have to develop everything can be done at a single place, so it’s cost-effective and less time-consuming. Websites created by using responsive UI are also easy to maintain and less expensive.

Improve SEO Rankings

As per the Google’s recommendations, if businesses want to improve their search rankings, then they must go for responsive website design because it provides a great experience to the users that perform high-level search rankings. Another important factor in search ranking is the page load time. Responsive web design helps your pages to load faster, and site usability will increase many times over.

Serves Better User-Experience

User experience is another significant element which is responsible for the success of a website or mobile app. No matter what your target audience is or the niche of your content, user friendly website is the key feature that makes your website to stand out among your users. Responsive UI will minimize the action of users like scrolling, zooming and much more, which will work as wonder for your brand to gain more new visitors.

Wipe Out Duplicity of the Content

Generally, while creating a mobile version of website chances of finding a duplicate content are higher as crawlers usually fetch the content from the main website. This will not only create a negative impact, but it also lowers the visibility of the mobile site in the eye of the Google. To overcome the challenge of duplicity, responsive web design can be a foolproof method.

Better analytics help better results

Keeping an eye on the growth of your website would be easier with one design on multiple devices. Since all the information and data come from one source, your team can provide better results using all the analytics. Analytics can help you to understand the comparison of page views in mobile, desktop and tablet visitors that help you to optimize your landing pages so you can enhance the viewability of the website.


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