Top 6 Tips To Launch a Successful eStore for New Online Retailers

Users across the world are accessing the internet round the clock. Nowadays internet viewing does not need any particularly dedicated time slot for shoppers/surfers/users. Today users are active 24x7. As there is a rise of internet-ready mobile devices in the market including smartphones and tablets, the eCommerce industry has become a goldmine of opportunities for those willing a foray into online retail.

If you want to ensure your success in eCommerce, you need a website designed and developed by a reputed eCommerce company. The thought of having an eCommerce store is, of course, a great idea, but there are uncountable things linked with an eCommerce website, especially when it’s going to hit cyberspace for the first time.

This blog brings a few of the major tips and considerations, especially for those who are venturing into online business for the first time, and are getting ready to launch a website:

1. Do not rush to launch your website

It is frequently seen and observed that new eCommerce entrepreneurs make swiftness in launching their eCommerce website which causes an enormous number of issues and create an awful impression on the enthusiastic shoppers who visit your website for the first time. While it is okay to buy a domain and post a “Coming Soon” message with some welcoming graphics, you should avoid the big reveal until you are 100% prepared with the considerable preparations that include:

• Search engine optimization (SEO) Strategy

• Content Marketing

• Social Media Platforms, and

• Paid Advertising, etc.

2. Focus on your customers

It is an open secret that through an online environment, you are not able to make your customers feel, touch, and smell the products they want to buy from your online shopping store. Yet it does not mean that you should feel discouraged by the same. You can make up for this aspect by focusing on other areas of your online store that include:

• Offering competitive pricing

• Providing free shipping

• Making the checkout process easier and hassle-free

• Making shopping cart simplified

• Providing a fully safe and secured payment process.

3. Do comprehensive testing on all aspects

As an eCommerce site is considered to be the most complicated tool through which you take your services or products to the markets, complete testing is all that you need before, during, and even after the launch. Investing in testing as well as analytics is also an essential part of the game plan. At this point, you should think like a common customer and explore your website from the customer’s point of view. The eCommerce companies in Delhi NCR you can join hands with can guide you more concerning this crucial aspect.

4. Incorporate all social elements

Social media channels these days have become an integral part of eCommerce businesses, as it provides you with an uninterrupted glimpse into the lifestyle as well as the thought of the customers. Hire a dedicated social media team guided by a skillful social media manager doing all the needful in the social domains. Aside from it, make sure you include all social elements in your website for example:

• A dedicated page or section for product reviews of testimonials

• Social media login options

• Product sharing facility.

5. Take mobile seriously

Mobile devices and other smartphones have completely transformed the way things used to be bought and sold online. M-commerce has obtained vast popularity, and new eCommerce owners and retailers must be aware of this aspect. M-commerce has become one of the most famous, effective, and efficient methods to increase the customer base as well as overall revenue. More than 51% of the total online buying is being made on mobile phones. Thus, it is important to take Mcommerce seriously if you are dreaming of a growing online business.

6. Offer excellent online support

According to the experts who study customer behavior, all buyers want a guarantee or assurance that they will get the best online support, if needed, after making a purchase from any online store. During their purchase, a guarantee or assurance of support helps them to maintain their cool. If you win your customer's hearts in the support area, they will convert into loyal buyers. The most popular and common support these days is the live-chat feature that works round-the-clock. Experts say that this tool has the power to increase your website conversion by more than 15%.


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