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6 Web Development Trends to follow in 2021

It is actually stated that “digital revolution is far more remarkable than the discovery ofwriting or even of printing.” Over the previous few years, we have seen an extraordinary growth in the digital development due to which various organizations and entrepreneurchange their traditional commercial business to the online business.

To a great extent they are associated with showcasing their business potential in web industry through various accessible sources. One out of them is Web Development services. These services enable entrepreneur not only to customize the website,yet it can likewise give acomplete oversight over each component of the site. As per the time and trends, the phenomenon of businesses and web development changes and modify. Consistently there are enhancements in the web development trends to improve the user-experience and broadening of the online business. Here are the latest 6 web development trends you need to keep an eye out in 2021:

Here are the latest 6 web development trends you need to keep an eye out in 2021:

1. Progressive web applications


PWAs act like native mobile applications however are actually websites. According to research, PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates than native apps; thus, we can see them trending going forward. The primary goal of PWAs is to bring a mobile-app-like experience to users across all devices.

They are more interactive and responsive. PWAs are transforming the user experience through app-like functionality but without having to download it. Some of the great names in the industry, such as Amazon, Twitter, and Forbes, are combining native and web applications to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates. The approach of PWAs has made worldwide brands' identities alternativelymore grounded due to their offline way of working, fast loading, and page speed.

Since mobile users are increasing each and every day due to the accessibility and reliability, this trend will keep growingon throughout 2021.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and bots


Demand for AI-powered communication will be on the rise in 2021 as AI allows us to make our artifacts think and act as a smart human. AI assistants and bots can learn or collect data as humans. Thus, the industry will be more focused on building Artificial Intelligence to improve the user experience in 2021.The impact of AI is so great that various apps these days are based on Artificial Intelligence.

Bots are trained on collecting data through users’ engagements, which allows them to provide better solutions. Also, they use natural language programming to interact with humans.

Speech recognition methods and cognitive intelligence are consolidated to make chatbots more reliable than human support staff. Industries such as eCommerce, travel and tourism, healthcare, etc., are understanding the significance of chatbots.

3. Voice Search Technology


In previous days, information was all about the text. But in 2021, The Internet of things(IoT) has much importance. Thus, the idea in which several devices including household, wearable devices are connected to the internet. IoT not only manages our task efficiently but save time and efficiency of the user.

In 2021 we can look forward for the improvement in one important area, i.e., voice search. According to studies, it is estimated that approx. 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by the year 2023.

In addition, voice technology has arrived at another level with establishment of smart speakers and voice assistants. Hence, the companies need to ensure that the website or app is fully optimize

Moreover, voice technology has reached a new level with the inception of smart speakers and assistants. Therefore, developers need to ensure that the website is fully optimized to oblige voice search functionality.

4. Virtual Reality


Another component that will stand on the edge of the trends is Virtual Reality. It is a man-made computer-generated response to a situation. This trend has become tremendously popular in the gaming industry. A lot of game developers and programmers use this cutting-edge technology to enhance the user-experience for the players. It is the, VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) that made virtual reality experience possible.

5. Parallax Effects


Looking for the exclusive method to improve the client experience of your visitors? Then creating the hallucination of depth is the perfect way to draw your customer’s attention. Parallax impact refers to the special visualizations combined with 2D scrolling. Thus, Parallax effect can effectively improve the user engagement.

6. Cloud Computing


According to study, the public cloud services is expected to grow to $306.9 billion by 2021. Therefore, you can expect cloud computing advancements in 2021 as well.

Cloud computing has the capability to replace the regular servers as cloud computing prevents data loss and data overloading. In coming years, this trend will transform the approach to web development as it not only reduces development costs but also strengthens the entire web architecture. Some popular examples of cloud computing are Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, etc.


As here we discussed web development trends in 2021. Since they change fast, it can be a little difficult to chase them. But, we must keep them in check and try them out..!!

You can attract your users, improve web rankings, and can grow services in the market by following these latest web development techniques.

So, start implementing them soon to your next project and become customer’s first choice!


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